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Tambour Inc. is one of the world’s largest roofing and paint manufacturers and Europe’s leading suppliers of quality roofing and industrial paints. Tambour developed a revolutionary product called the Tambour cool roof system, or the “liquid rubber roof”.

Tambour cool roof system uses advanced liquid membrane fiber cool roof technology designed to withstand temperatures from -40◦F to 180◦F. The liquid rubber like roof is designed to a form a revolutionary seamless coating over your existing or newly constructed roof that will provide you with a leak free, stronger roof than ever before.

Tambour roof system deflects the harmful UV rays of the sun creating a cooler environment within your building thence the cool roof effect. Tambour cool roof system will provide you with a substantial saving on your HVAC energy cost in the summer months.

Tambour cool roof system is ecofriendly, and is applied directly onto your existing roof reducing landfill waste. Tambour cool roof system is perfect for the DIY enthusiast or have our professional installers take care of it for you.

What is a "Cool Roof"?

Cool roofs are roofs that can deliver high solar reflectance (the ability to reflect the visible, infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths of the sun, reducing heat transfer to the building) and high thermal emittance (the ability to radiate absorbed or non-reflected solar energy).

The benefits of using the cool roof technology include:

  • Save on annual electricity bills by reducing summer air conditioning costs.
  • Reduce roof maintenance and replacement expenses by extending roof life.
  • Increase indoor comfort in summer by reduction of infrared conversion from visible light.
  • Reduce the "heat island effect" in cities and suburbs.
  • Reduce air pollution and smog formation.
  • Improved energy efficiency of roofs, especially when there isn't adequate insulation provided in the roof envelope.
  • Improved thermal comfort in buildings that do not have air conditioning.
  • Reduce the peak load energy demand on your building.
  • Increase the life cycle of your roof and HVAC systems.

The Process

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This system involves a three-layer acrylic polymer structure that binds to form a seamless rubber-like roof coating across the entire surface. Our rubber roof will create a virtually new roof that will protect your from any potential sun damage. Along with protecting your property from sun damage this revolutionary rubber roof will also completely seal your roof to protect from further warping that may be caused by water.

Our rubber roof can withstand temperatures from (-40◦F) to (180◦F) and because our rubber roofing is also so highly reflective it also ensures your roof will no longer absorb tremendous amounts of heat. This is incredibly important for many types of roofs (such as black asphalt) because this is the surface that absorbs the most heat from the sun. In the summer many types of roofs heat up to reach double the surrounding air temperature. In 85 degree weather these roofs can reach heights of 175 degrees. This can cause very heavy damage to a roof, as well as increase heating costs substantially in the building below.

It is estimated that up to 30% of an average office building’s costs will be related to energy. In the summer this can be quite strenuous, because air conditioning is much more expensive than heating. By installing a cool roof coating on your tristate home or office, energy efficiency will improve substantially and you will be able to invest the money saved in other things.

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